Yoga and Meditation

Tom Pierson

I began my journey in yoga while I was participating in an opera program in Los Angeles in the summer of 2004. Yoga was offered everyday at lunchtime and I instantly fell in love with the practice. My very first teacher, Megan McCarver ( is still a friend after all this time! When I got back to Houston, my hometown, I just had to find a studio. I found one basically right across the street from where I was working at the time. Before I knew it, I was registered in their inaugural Teacher Training program. I had no aspiration to teach, I just wanted to know more about the practice. What an amazing experience! 

I began teaching just one class a week while continuing to work in the energy sector, until I was laid off in 2009. That was when I decided to commit my life to the health and wellbeing of myself, my fellows and the planet. 

I took the next year to learn the healing modalities of massage and began practicing as a Massage Therapist in the yoga studio where I had gotten my yoga certification. Within one year, I co-owned the yoga studio with my mom. We opened our studio, Tranquil Heart Yoga, on July 1, 2011. For nine years we were blessed with an amazing community of yogis and yoginis.

Now, I mostly teach yoga privately, but I also teach several group classes a week via video conferencing. 

I want the practice to be accessible to everyone, and over the last 16 years of practicing and teaching, I have developed a system that will help anyone achieve a strong foundation in a yoga practice.

Join me!

Group Classes

Why have yoga classes in a virtual setting? There are many benefits to joining classes in an online setting, rather than going to a studio or gym for a class. Joining our classes online allows you to control the comfort level, set up a space for your own practice, and saves you time.

What’s so awesome about joining a virtual class is YOU get to control all of the conditions that suit your comfort. Too hot? Turn on a fan. Too cold? Turn on a heater. Too bright? Well, you get the idea.

Online classes are also a perfect way to explore your own practice and in a place that you likely will choose to continue your practice when the class is over. The space you choose will be your place of refuge on stressful days or grief-filled nights. You will have access to it 24/7. Whether you have a dedicated room in your home, or just roll out the yoga mat in the living room, that will energetically become your place of solace over time.

When practicing from your own space, there is no waste of time getting to a different place. Think of how much time you will no longer be wasting in your car in stressful traffic situations to de-stress in a yoga experience, not to mention the carbon footprint reduction!

Ready to get started?

Here’s what you’ll need to join our classes.

  1. A device with a camera and screen, such as a tablet or laptop. Your phone will work in a pinch, but the screen will likely be too small. 
  2. Access to Zoom conferencing. This may require you to download an app and keep the software updated.
  3. A space open enough to stretch your arms out to your sides and spin without hitting anything.  So, 6’x6’ should do it. 

Here’s what you’ll probably want to get started in our classes.

  1. Yoga Mat 
  2. Yoga Blanket (Mexican-style blanket)
  3. 2 Blocks 
  4. 1 Strap

Next… Check out the schedule and sign in for your class. If you are new, you will be asked to fill out a form, but it’ll be smooth sailing from there. 

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I’m looking forward to holding space with you. Welcome to your Journey of Transformation.

Private Classes

There are many reasons why you might want a private session: you may have certain unique physical considerations that you need help managing; you might want some pointers on a pose or group of poses; you might want a little more focus on a particular aspect of the practice. Whatever your reasons for seeking private sessions, I am here for you. 

Private sessions are a wonderful way, and maybe the only way I can respond directly to your needs. In the one-hour one-on-one sessions, we will create a safe space for deeper exploration of your practice.

Schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation now to see if this is the right fit. In the consultation, I will answer any questions you may have, and I will ask you some important questions to consider. My first question is, “What’re you waiting for?”

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