Winter Class Schedule

This year, virtual classes are available on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If you find that you’re wanting some conscious movement and connection, then join me. We’re going to be celebrating the Holidays in a special, heart-felt way.

Beginning Friday, January 1st, all of our yoga classes will be called “Yoga and Meditation Group Class”. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for decades, these classes will challenge your body, inspire your mind, and awaken your spirit. 

Here’s to a great start to a wonderful New Year!

Beginning, January 5th, Guiding Vision will offer Group Centering Sessions every Tuesday morning at 7:30am Pacific.

Group Centering Classes will have 5 distinct parts: Inspiration, Embodiment, Contemplation, Prayer, and Action. This framework can present innumerable focus points or areas for deeper exploration, which, over time, will lead to a vast, deep, and meaningful life.

Here’s what you might expect from the class. A brief passage will be read as the inspiration for the intention of that day’s class. Then after each participant checks in to the group, we will move into the embodiment of the intention. This will be a combination of breathing techniques, very gentle yoga poses, qigong, and/or process facilitation. We will then go directly into a meditative sit, or a period of quiet stillness, for about 20 minutes. Then we’ll have the opportunity to share a prayer either with the group or silently to yourself. And, finally, as we check out of the group, we’ll have the chance to announce what action we are called to do in our lives that supports our intention.

This session is offered as Pay What You Can. Anyone who feels called to participate in this class should have no barriers to join. However, if you find that the session has value to you and you’re in a position to contribute, then your contribution is greatly appreciated.