I wrestled with naming this week’s focus for probably an entire week. To let you in on a little secret, a peek behind the curtain, so to speak, I am getting my source of inspiration for the weekly focuses from the Seven Deadly Sins. But, I am coming at them from their respective virtues. Two weeks ago, our focus was humility, as a counter to pride. Last week was inspiration, which I used to look at sloth. This week the focus is on enough to help get over greed or maybe even gluttony. So, I will let you decide which (or maybe both) to apply this to.

Let’s take this a step further behind my magic curtain and peer through my eyes as a coach. When clients come in for a centering session and issues around not feeling enough or having enough come up, I implore them to explain exactly what enough is. For instance, “How much money would it take for you to feel like you have enough?” or “How much food at a meal will meet the requirements of enough?” The answer typically is very vague if there is an answer at all. 

You see, I usually spell enough with M-O-R-E. I didn’t understand the concept of enough. And it is completely understandable in our very consumer-driven society. This eventually led to my deep-rooted belief that I am not enough, or even capable of becoming enough. This is what I call a spiritual deficit, when the outward understanding is internalized. The idea of not having enough gets translated into not being enough. Then I would turn to the material world hoping to fill my spiritual void. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. What I got out of it was a lot of excess weight and debt, and an even deeper sense of not (having/being) enough. It was a seemingly hopeless trap that would ensnare me in any direction I would step. I could see what was happening and the hopeless and helpless nature of the life I had set up for myself. And completely and utterly afraid to do anything about it. 

What if for just an hour or so a few times each week you were able to feel enough? Not just feel it, but embody it? Not just embody it, but become it? This is the beauty of the yoga practice. You see, yoga is a rendezvous with ourselves on a spiritual level, like a Centering Session. When we take time to make that rendezvous intentional by surrendering oneself to that experience wholeheartedly over an extended period of time, we begin to slowly shift. This is my very definition of a practice.

As usual, these concepts or intentions are put into practice on the mat when you come to class. The practices are profound, and they must meet my criteria before I will share them with you. They must be SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, and IMMEDIATE. If they aren’t, I probably wouldn’t even do them myself, much less try to convince others into it. 

Join us this week. We have a wonderfully safe and welcoming community where we can all share and co-create space. Maybe it’s been a long while since you’ve come to a yoga class. Maybe the whole “Zoom” yoga experience has felt cold and off-putting for you. This amazing community will warm you up to the possibility that you too can experience a sense of renewal and deep belonging. 

If you’re struggling, aching for connection, or having issues with the concept of enough, then join us. Reach out to me and schedule a session with meYou don’t have to do anything hard by yourself, unless you choose to. Join us!



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