In the classes I facilitate, I usually invite each of us to focus on an intention that we use as an inspiration for the practice. In the practice, I encourage each of us to embody that intention, asking the question, “What would it feel like on a cellular level to embody or to become that intention.” Each person participating in this practice feels very deeply that intention as we pass through the doorway from the ordinary and mundane to the sacred space of creation. Let me restate that. We step through a liminal space, a threshold, moving from whatever reality we are living into a reality we are creating.  

It’s very easy in the current climate of events to get trapped in the Dreaded Drama Triangle, illustrated above. I find that when I am not feeling connected and alive, I am being the Rescuer, the Persecutor, or the Victim. This Dreaded Drama Triangle is strangely seductive because as I act out a role on the Drama Triangle, I force others around me to assume the other roles. For example, if I am playing the victim, then I am usually reacting to a persecutor and searching for a rescuer.

What’s all of this got to do with joy? Well, understanding the source of my joylessness can give me access to what brings me joy. I know that if I am living in a reactive state, I am not very joyful. However, if I have access to the sacred space of creation, then I experience an endless source of joy. Then, as I create that joy, I am empowered to live joyfully and can’t help but to naturally inspire those around me to experience that joy, too. It all begins with the transforming question, “What do I really want?” 

So, what do you really want?

Join us this week as we Create together that which we want to manifest in the world. When we do that, then we will certainly Challenge each other learn and grow. Then, as return to our lives, our work and families, we will intuitively begin Coaching those around us by asking powerful questions and listening more deeply. That is joy. 


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