I believe there is a space, within us and around us, where hope, peace, and love exists. That space is accessible at any time, practically any where and by everyone. To me that space is tender, quiet and still. It is a space where I can take off my facades, let go of my roles, and just be who and what I am in that moment, knowing there are no expectations to meet and no deadlines to make. I can just be.

For me, the longer I am separated from that space, the more irritable, anxious and emotional I become. I think of that space as my center, and the further from my center I get drawn, like the archer drawing back a bow, the more tension I feel. Then when I allow myself to let go, I instantly get shot right back to center, where it feels like returning home. It feels so good.

There are few factors that keep me from returning home as frequently as I’d like. The first big factor is taking the time. I say “taking” the time because I am responsible for dedicating a portion of my week to reconnecting with my spirit and myself. If I don’t take the time, something else will gladly take it from me.

The second is finding a place that is safe enough to explore that tender space. There aren’t a lot of places where it is totally safe to take off the facades and just rest in the essence of who I am. I am faced with fear of judgement, betrayal, and shame when I become deeply vulnerable. It’s scary.

The last part is knowing how to get to that space. I have spent many years trying to find that space, and recreating it after I found it. The system I use now is simple, effective and immediate. It is accessible to everyone. It doesn’t require a particular skill level or special knowledge or any particular conformation to rituals, doctrines or beliefs. 

If you are feeling the tension and stress of life bearing down on you, it is just the pull of coming away from center. Are you ready to be shot back to your center, your home? That space is waiting for you. All you have to do is take the time. I take care of the rest.

Classes this week are focused on taking you back home. I teach virtual group yoga classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30am and 3:30pm CST every week. 

If you would like to talk privately or need some additional support and safety, I am here for you. Schedule an introductory session with me.

I have created a safe place just for you. The time is now. Join me. Let’s go home.

With love,

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